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A Special Project and a Commitment From Us To YOUths

In July 2022, NTUC launched the Youth Taskforce to understand the work- life aspirations of youths as they transition from school to the workplace. This taskforce, led by Young NTUC, aimed to engage 10,000 youths aged 18-25 years old.


This is to reaffirm NTUC’s commitment to ensure that concerns, fears and aspirations of youths are heard as we strengthen the compact with workers, including future workers. More importantly, to formulate insights and recommendations to address work-life needs at the end of the engagements. 

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The Wrap-up Harvest

Through the Youth Taskforce, 10,568 youths were engaged in quality conversations and through various formats such as focus group discussions, a roving Youth Hub,  co-organised youth events with partners, and online and offline surveys.

Fresh insights on career, mental well-being and finances were uncovered through the engagements and  we have compiled them all in a report just for you!

Read the insights from our Youth Taskforce engagements!

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