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About Digi-Fam

Digi-Fam is a digital community and an ecosystem of support network that will grow with you throughout your adulthood and career journey.

Designed with empowering the YOUth in mind, you'll be able to learn new skills and knowledge through our LIT (Learning is Triggered) series career programmes, share experiences through our discussion platforms and build networks for your future pathway. Our Digi-Fam community members can also access resources on demand, at your convenience, 24/7, all-year round.

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Designed with empowering the YOUth in mind


The DIGI-FAM Perks

Level up in your career with our curated programmes

Make your voice heard. Acquire exclusive industrial insights from the ever-growing content.

  • Leverage opportunities and platforms to share your views

  • Gain access to support and resources

  • Enjoy trial passes to register for members-only events 

Meet like-minded youths, mentors, and industry professionals

Receive access to privileges only for YOUth

  • Curated benefits such as retails discounts and more.

Level up, be heard, meet like-minded peers, and get access to privileges today!



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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a Digi-Fam member?

Simply fill up the form to become a Digi-Fam member.

What is Digi-Fam Trial Pass?

As a Digi-Fam member, you will be given 2x Trial Passes in a calendar year to experience some of the career programmes that are exclusive for NTUC Union Members. 

How do Digi-Fam Trial Passes work?

Register for our career programmes* and indicate that you would like to use the Digi-Fam Trial Pass. Young NTUC will contact you to confirm that your trial pass has been activated.

Digi-Fam Trial Pass is only eligible for selected programmes. Contact us for any clarifications! 

Who is eligible for Digi-Fam Trial Pass?

All Digi-Fam members are eligible! 

Experience the perks of being a Young NTUC Member today!

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