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About LIT DISCOvery

Young NTUC’s flagship signature - LIT DISCOvery, is an aggregated platform to help youths pursue their passions, achieve their aspirations, progress upwards or pivot in an increasingly tech enabled workplace and future proof themselves.

A platform to help youths pursue their passions

LIT DISCOvery 2022

Missed the action or want to revisit the topics being discussed? Fret not! Relive the event by catching the playbacks on our virtual platform. Simply click the button below to login or create a free account.

Missed the action or want to revisit?

Key Highlights

Some of the key highlights of LIT DISCOvery include:

  • Sharing of industry trends by industry leaders

  • Tech showcase by industry partners

  • Soft-skills and technical skills masterclasses by C-suite professionals

  • Job opportunities and career discovery

Keen to be a partner at LIT DISCOvery?
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