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About LIT (Learning Is Triggered)

Young NTUC’s LIT (Learning Is Triggered) series, initiated in 2017, is a one stop platform for youths to find resources, jobs placement and connect with industry professionals.

Held annually, LIT DISCOvery – the flagship signature under the LIT umbrella features a large-scale symposium and marketplace. Other LIT programmes held throughout the year include LIT Learning Journeys, LIT Career Discovery and Mentorship, LIT Learning Circles and LIT Conversations.


Since the start of the pandemic, Young NTUC has also started the LIT Mental Well-Being which looks at increasing awareness towards mental health issues, equipping youths and young workers with basic psychological first aid and peer support skills, as well as ways to improve the mental well-being support of workers in the workplace.


An initiative by Young NTUC

Young NTUC is the youth wing of the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC). Since our founding in April of 2005, Young NTUC has grown to over 150,000 members aged 35 years and below and strive to give voice to the needs and aspirations of young workers.

Young NTUC supports youth in their professional and personal growth to achieve their aspirations through a multitude of purposeful activities and opportunities. In collaboration with our wide network of partners ranging from unions to companies and government agencies, we can provide:

  • Career Discovery and Navigation

  • Workplace Protection and Support

  • Leadership Development

  • Mental Well-being Resources

  • Holistic Personal Development


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