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Young NTUC & Young PAP: Commemorating modern Singapore’s Founding Father Mr Lee Kuan Yew

When Young NTUC (YN) and Young PAP (YP) leaders decided to join hands to commemorate the birth centenary of modern Singapore's first Prime Minister, Mr Lee Kuan Yew, they thought about how they could bring youths closer to experience the significance of Mr Lee’s contribution to our nation.  

This was how the birth of a special e-book, titled “Centennial Reflections – 100 Reflections by Mr Lee Kuan Yew”, was the first thing they decided to do. Published as part of this close-knitted collaboration between YN and YP, they thought that the book can offer a glimpse of the wisdom and ideas behind Mr Lee’s vision and inspiration to transform Singapore.

And the work to build this  treasure trove of Mr Lee’s quotes took months in the planning. The special e-book comprises a remarkable compilation of quotes—meticulously curated and derived from the speeches or interviews Mr Lee had made as a brilliant stateman—to shed light on his journey as a visionary. One who helped lead the way in transforming an island village into an economic powerhouse and harmonious nation. These quotes are split into five chapters, covering the topics of character building, political leadership, nation building, tripartism and more.

As part of the launch, an Amazing Race-styled learning journey was integrated into the event held on 21 October 2023 to help bring to life some of Mr Lee’s iconic moments as a leader in Singapore’s history.

Former YP Chairman and NTUC Secretary-General Mr Lim Swee Say, YP Adviser Mr Zhulkarnain Abdul Rahim, and NTUC Assistant Secretary-General Mr Desmond Choo graced the event.

In his address, Mr Lim urged the younger generation to draw inspiration from Mr Lee's legacy and continue building upon his remarkable contributions.

While Young PAP Adviser, Mr Zhulkarnain Abdul Rahim highlighted the longstanding collaboration between the PAP and NTUC in shaping Singapore's journey. He expressed his gratitude for the joint effort between YP and YN  to conceptualise, design and produce an impressive book of quotes in just several months. He noted that their actions as youth of Singapore is deeply encouraging.

Embodying the spirit of camaraderie as well, the event saw over 100 youths from YP and YN enthusiastically participating in the ‘Amazing Race’ before the launch. The race took them through locations significant to Mr Lee's life and work, such as the Tanjong Pagar GRC and the Padang — a fitting tribute to his enduring impact on Singapore. Many found this to be a meaningful and exhilarating experience that deepened their knowledge of Singapore’s history-making days and respect for Mr Lee’s nation-building dedication.

"Centennial Reflections" is not just a book; it's a bridge connecting generations, a testament to the power of collaboration and the unwavering commitment of YP and YN to keep Mr. Lee's legacy alive for future generations. The book is now available online, offering everyone a chance to delve into the wisdom of Singapore's founding father and find inspiration for their own journeys.

From the passion of the youths, this event is a powerful reminder of Mr Lee's legacy and how he continues to inspire and unite Singaporeans across generations.

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