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Transforming Education through Technology and Humanity

“More than machinery, we need humanity.” For Kelly Chen, head of Singapore at Snapask, an education technology (EdTech) company, the famous line from screen icon Charlie Chaplin, echoes her belief on an important trait to have in the technological world we live in today. While data analytics, problem solving and communication skills are key in giving one an edge in the digital economy, goodwill and trust between people creates an invaluable positive cycle that will contribute to better work. It is precisely the gratitude Kelly had for the goodwill of her seniors, supervisors and colleagues that motivated her to become a career guide with Young NTUC. “I made many switches in my career, and I was lucky to have seniors, supervisors and colleagues who generously shared their views and broadened my world. I also want to do my part in making someone’s career journey better.” As someone who has been there done that, Kelly understands how the initial stage of a career can be a “walk down a dark funnel” for many youths. Having little clues on how the road ahead would be can get daunting with different obstacles along the way. However, it is through challenges that new possibilities are uncovered. She said, “Do not ignore the obstacles. Gain the competence to overcome them. I’ll encourage youths not to shun the difficult paths but see challenges as an opportunity to learn and grow.” Having started a family, Kelly also faces new challenges as a working mom. Balancing between work and family is no mean feat but she takes it in good stride through better management of time and leveraging on smart ways of using technology. Her role as a mother accentuates the significance of her work at Snapask, in creating technological solutions that build up students’ ability to engage in effective self-directed learning.

“Education is for all. In wanting to give the best to my child, I find this work very meaningful. I’m able to apply my previous experience in technology to assist with the digital transformation of learning and education. Together with my team, who is really committed to this, we hope to create value.” What will you do to create value through your work? Join Digi-Fam Community! To get more support and resources, subscribe to Digi-Fam Community today! Designed with empowering the YOUth in mind, you'll be able to LEARN new skills and knowledge through our LIT (Learning is Triggered) Series Career Programmes; SHARE experiences through our discussion platforms and BUILD networks for your future pathway. #EveryYoungWorkerMatters


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