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Are You Being Treated Unfairly At Work?

Did you know that Singapore is the second-worst performing country when it comes to Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) practices? For a first-world country, we certainly have a lot of catching up to do when it comes to workplace bullying or harassment. Part of the issue could also be that many of us fail to identify bullying, instead attributing it to culture or common practice.

In our dominant Asian society, we often have this mindset that the boss is always right and are accustomed to not questioning our superiors or employers. We often follow blindly and are content to follow through on directives that we know are wrong because it has been instructed by someone above us. This can be dangerous because our bosses are also human and can be wrong.

Based on this article released in 2021, many notable companies were put in the spotlight for workplace bullying and harassment in various aspects. The truth is that working in a new company means there are many variables beyond your control. You can neither pick your boss, nor can you determine the culture of a workplace before being fully immersed in it.

Here are 5 simple tips to bear in mind when it comes to unfair treatment at work:

Tip 1 - Keep a private record

It is absolutely okay to keep a record of the details of each incident as they happen if you feel that there has been an offence being committed. Take down specific details like the date and time, as well as possible witnesses to the incident. It helps to have co-workers who can back up your account.

Tip 2 - Know your rights

Read up on your workplace bullying policies and do your research on precedence as well as how your company intends to deal with such matters. Are there open lines of communication or feedback channels for you to safely report such matters?

Tip 3 - Know when to speak up

Ask for the bullying or unfair treatment to stop. Speak to the individual with another party around if you feel that it is an unsafe situation.

Tip 4 - Keep them accountable

Feeling unheard or ignored by your company? Escalate this to a government agency or union if you are a member. Individuals can also visit for help.

Regardless of how junior or senior you are in your organisation, no one should ever feel slighted or be subjected to bullying or harassment. Your race, age, gender or looks play no part in your job performance. Although these can be extremely unpleasant and uncomfortable situations, know that you are not alone and that there are people who are ready to support you in getting your voice heard against such grievances.

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