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LIT Mentorship

Targeted at providing graduating students, first job seekers as well as young working adults with the necessary support and guidance for their career navigation. Young NTUC's pool of over 400 volunteer mentors aka Career Guides currently cover a range of 23 different industries and functions. The industries covered include banking and finance, healthcare, infocomm technology, social services, engineering and so on.

Mentors can help you to understand what to expect in the working life and assist you in building up your professional portfolios.


How Is LIT Mentorship Conducted?


Organised by Young NTUC, the LIT Career Mentorship rolls out in-person mentorship sessions that are industry-specific or generic. The sessions will allow mentees to:

  • Meet the Career Guides in a small group setting via a human library format

  • Have their burning questions answered by the Career Guides and hear more about the Career Guides' personal experiences

  • *Be matched with a Career Guide at the end of the session for a 4-month mentorship period.

*Available for NTUC Union Members and NTUC Starter Members only.


The On-Demand Mentorship is now available to help you with your career needs. Explore and browse a catalogue of Career Guides and find one who fit your learning strategy and criterion, at your convenience. Simply book an appointment with them on our online platform for a once-off with them.


Want to Volunteer as a Career Guide?

Have tons of insights you'd like to share with excited career newbies? Enjoy supporting others in achieving the best versions of themselves? Be a mentor, join us as a Career Guide!

We take pride in having quality Career Guides. As such all our Career Guides go through thorough screening process to ensure relevant industry experiences, coupled with training for quality assurance.

Our Career Guides are all volunteers recruited from various industries, interviewed and selected based on the following set of requirements:

  • Able to relate to youths and can express thoughts well

  • Have more than 5 years of experience in the same industry or function

  • Willing to commit time to guide younger individuals


All volunteer career guides undergo mandatory training to be equipped with the necessary soft skills:

  • Understand the links between identity, purpose and career opportunities and possibilities

  • Facilitate impactful conversations with mentees about work · Listen and communicate with authenticity and empathy

  • Set up healthy mentoring agreements where clear boundaries are established and effective requests & offers so that both career guides and mentee can experience a professional yet meaningful relationship.



Interested to be a career guide? Drop us an email to with your latest resume and we will be in touch with you for a short chat!

Our Career Guides are volunteers recruited from various industries! 

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