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Young NTUC
Content Creator Circle (yC3)

What was once deemed an unviable career aka not a real job, is now seeing big bucks coming its way with the booming industry of content creation. Being a content creator requires a multitude of skills - from soft skills like excellent communication and creativity, to hard skills like outstanding writing abilities and business savviness.


While being a solopreneur may seem lonely at times, Young NTUC is here for you! yC3 is dedicated to bringing together a vibrant community of passionate and like-minded young content creators who share a common belief in the cause of the Labour Movement.


Whether you're an established content creator or aspiring to be one, this circle aims to provide the support and exposure you need to thrive in your developmental journey. Not only that, it offers unique opportunities for leadership development that may extend beyond the realm of content creation. 

No gate keeping here. Glow up as a content creator with yC3!

Thursday nights​ hmm... almost the end of the work week but not quite there yet 🥲


Pull up! We got food and drinks just for you. And of course, mingle and learn from other nano influencers, and get opportunities to interact directly with established influencers themselves.


Influencers like @ainlovescode and @the.smiling.afro previously attended TGI Thursday sessions, and our yC3 members had an enLITening time 😊

Thank Goodness It's (TGI) Thursday!

What's in it for you?

✓ Gain support through interactions with other aspiring content creators just like you.

✓  Get first-hand insights from content creator experts

✓ Expose yourself with content creation opportunities

✓ Further develop your potential not just as a micro-influencer, but as  a young leader!

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