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Turn Your Internship into a WINternship

Internships are an experience that most students have to go through before graduation. One of the biggest misconceptions is that internships are simply one-sided working relationships that organisations use to get low-cost labour. This could not be further from the truth. Internships are one of the best ways for not only students to get first-hand practical experience, but also allow organisations to evaluate potential employees. In the United States, 70% of interns are hired at the same company they interned with following their internship. Therefore, internships play a key role in getting a full-time job after your graduation. This article will provide you with 4 tips that will turn your internship into a WINternship.

Tip 1: Build Personal Credibility through Consistent Work

One of the best ways to build personal credibility within the organisation is to ensure every piece of work you submit is done to the highest quality. Consistently doing this is important, as you never know which piece of work could be showcased or land on the desk of someone much higher up. This could result in you standing out from others when more of your work is looked at and your managers can see that they are all of high quality.

Tip 2: Be Curious and Ask Questions

Asking questions that are not directly related to your current tasks such as company culture and other facets of the organisation can show your manager that you are genuinely interested instead of just being there for an internship. These questions can also help you understand the company better, as well as connect with your managers or colleagues on a deeper level. Common questions to ask are the goals of the company, projects that they are currently working on or policies they have related to employee welfare.

Tip 3: Go the Extra Mile

While delivering good work consistently is important, having the right attitude is also key. Going out of your way to help with small tasks that might not be directly related to your work but would make life easier for your co-workers can go a long way. Taking the initiative helps you to stand out, and could show your peers that you are a good fit.

Tip 4: Take Time to Network

Networking with professionals in your field of work is one of the biggest benefits of an internship. Fostering a bond with your colleagues and managers could lead to many benefits down the line. Getting closer to other people within your organisation can lead to many opportunities, as well as allow you to learn more from people who have been working much longer than you. Job interviews are very much a judging process to see if you would fit into a company, as well as collect positive referrals for future use.

Although these tips seem simple, many interns find it difficult to actually put them into practice. This is where Young NTUC comes into the picture! Young NTUC provides career mentorship sessions with mentors equipped with industry skill sets and experience. Consulting with a mentor allows interns to tap into the knowledge of these mentors, allowing them to get their dream jobs after their internships.

Interns who want to find career mentors can head over to LIT mentorship page. LIT Mentorship provides both virtual on-demand and physical sessions to ensure maximum convenience. Physical sessions are conducted in small group settings and at the end of the session, mentees will be matched with mentors for a stipulated mentorship period. Virtual on-demand mentorships allow interns to browse a catalogue of mentors and find one that best fits their career needs.

Share this article with anyone looking for career resources. Young NTUC is designed and well-equipped to provide resources and mentorship to lift you up in life. Whether you are a graduating student or already in the workforce, you can always define your career on your own terms. Subscribe to Young NTUC’s Digi-Fam community to access career resources, programmes, support network including mental well-being and many more! Follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok for the latest happenings at Young NTUC.


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