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The Power of Guidance

What does Mentoring really mean?

Mentoring in the workplace can sometimes be misunderstood as simply asking a senior colleague some questions here and there. True mentorship results in helping both employees and organisations to develop talent, build relationships and improve performance. This article will outline some of the benefits and reasons why mentorship is something that youths should look out for.

What benefits do Mentors bring?

1. Learning and Development. Mentoring provides a valuable opportunity for mentees to learn and benefit from the experiences of their seasoned mentors. This will allow them to gain more insight about their industry, pick up skills faster as well as learn best practices. By working with a mentor, mentees can get a leg up above the competition and progress in their field faster.

2. Support and Guidance. Mentors can provide feedback on projects and assignments, offer career advice, and provide emotional support when needed. This is especially helpful for new employees who might still be trying to establish themselves in their workplace. Mentors can also serve as trusted confidants for mentees who may need support or accountability.

3. Networking. Mentoring allows mentees to build relationships with other professionals in their field. Mentors can help to introduce contacts, provide insights on industry events, and recommend opportunities that mentees may not be aware of. These connections can be invaluable in establishing a successful career.

4. Building Confidence. Many miss out on opportunities due to self-doubt. Without any way to determine if they are ready to take on new roles or opportunities, many youths fail to grab opportunities they could have taken on. Mentors can help by using their outside perspective to evaluate and give confidence to their mentees that they have the proper skills and are ready to take on more.

5. Having your voice heard. New employees may find it hard to have their voices and ideas heard by managers and directors. Mentors can bridge the gap between management and new employees such that ideas can be brought up in a proper manner. This also helps to eliminate the fear of bringing up ideas by new employees as the mentors can act as the first step of vetting ideas before they are presented. This allows for more meaningful feedback and communication between employees and management.

Where can I find a Mentor?

Youths looking for meaningful mentorships can head down to Young NTUC’s LIT Career Mentorship program on the 24th of May 2023. Have a meaningful networking session as you meet career mentors from various industries.

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