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Seeing Both Sides of A Coin

Updated: Dec 23, 2022

While many choose to focus on one side, at times it takes another person to highlight the reality. Jonathan Hoe is a proud father of two wonderful boys, a private banker by profession, an astute investor, a whisky entrepreneur, Co-Owner of Skill Samurai Singapore, a youth leader and a career mentor.

With more than 16 years of experience in the banking industry, Jonathan works with one of the world's leading global banks. He aligns his expertise in banking, investments and wealth management to provide business owners, principals and their families with bespoke solutions and capabilities to grow, manage and preserve their wealth for their next generation. Jonathan is also a youth leader and career mentor who strongly believes in contributing back to the community, especially with respect to empowering underprivileged kids with essential 21st century skill sets and nurturing our next generation to be future ready.

Starting From Ground Up

Jonathan is able to empathise with those seeking to break into banking. He started from a back office operations role as an anti-money laundering Analyst and progressed to the middle office and eventually a private banker in the front office. Jonathan started off with DBS then moved onto Barclays, HSBC and Credit Suisse, working his way up to becoming Vice President. Jonathan spent 8 years working in HSBC, being personally mentored by the CEO of HSBC Singapore at the time.

Jonathan puts in long hours of hard work on how to better serve his client needs and the community while balancing family and business. This wealth of experience is shared with his mentees, as he guides them through different stage of their early career and life.

Becoming A Career Mentor

Besides being a private banker, Jonathan is also the Co-Owner of Skill Samurai Singapore, a kids coding school where he advocates for Digital Literacy to empower kids to be Future-Ready besides Financial Literacy. Despite his busy schedule, he is able to make time to be a career mentor as he strongly believes that one could do all things if we prioritise and focus on things that matter the most. The goal in life is not to hold on but to learn to let go. Our labour is to labour to enter the rest, our fight is not to fight. Seek grace for that, you will see the supply flow. Jonathan became a Career Mentor to help others as he is blessed with great mentors and leaders himself.

Many mentees come to Jonathan with a different perception of banking and entrepreneurship, and leave with a clarity of reality on the amount of due diligence corroboration, periodic reviews, investment management preparation, tailored solutions, time and effort to be dedicated after the wine and dine of fronting with clients.

Providing Advice to the Future Generation

Jonathan is always ready to share with those who reach out to him. He finds that many tend to be myopic on titles and monetary rewards, which is nothing wrong, but it should not be the only consciousness forefront in life. One of the things he finds himself often saying is that it is important to have a strong sense of identity. The first step is to knowing who you are not. Then your purpose as Passion is only the outward emotion while Purpose is the inward reason why you are doing it. Should we go through life being conditioned to keep on expecting on that next reward? Is reward through promotion the only reward for me or are there other rewards through other aspects of living? This is the question that only Mentees can answer for themselves. He quoted, “What you do after work, determines your future!” from Jack Ma.

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