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Gen Zs, here’s how to stand out in that job interview

Job seekers naturally want to make the best impression but beyond a solid resume, many Gen Zs today have expressed their anxiety about entering the workforce as a new worker. So here are a few tips to get ahead of the job hunt.

Interview Tip 1: Ditch the Resume Recap

When interviewers ask questions about your, don’t give a recap of your resume. Instead, what they really want to know is why you’re best suited for the job.


Leverage storytelling techniques (remember “Show Not Tell”?) to connect with the interviewer and make yourself a more memorable candidate.

Interview Tip 2: Showcase Your Value, Own Your Worth

A common job interview question is about what are your strengths (or weaknesses). Be ready to cite examples to substantiate your value. Bring up past accomplishments, quote others on your performance and list the general strengths you can bring to the company. Make sure to practice out loud, so that you don’t stumble over your words, and project confidence in yourself. 

Interview Tip 3: Talk, Don't Transcribe

Avoid scripting your responses word for word. The key is to be well prepared and remain authentic. Learn how to use bullet points to recall key statements. This would allow you to go with the flow of the interview. This tip is perfect when preparing for the commonly asked interview questions or harder questions, such as explaining a gap period in your resume.

Interview Tip 4: Be the Culture Fit

Research the company in advance, picking up on their culture and values ahead of your interview is a huge bonus. It helps them recognise you’re a potentially good fit and that you are excited and passionate about the job. This goes a long way with hiring managers.

Interview Tip 5: Short & Sweet

When you are asked to share about yourself, having a story to tell can provide context for an achievement you are sharing about. Here are some pointers to get the most out of a short story:


-        A backstory just enough for context

-        Highlights of what happened, obstacles, and your role in addressing these

-        End with positive outcomes

-        Think of it as a dialogue not a monologue

Interview Tip 6: A Lasting Impression

Always try to end your interview on a positive note. Consider asking follow-up questions, such as “What do you think are the most important qualities for someone in this role”, you can even open an opportunity to talk about your experience to make a bonus lasting impression.




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