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Debunking Myths About Gen Z Workers

Tuned to what the world can offer, you are aware and influential on macro social movements. You speak up for injustices and critical social issues and stand up for yourself (and for others). You are Woke. You are Gen Z, the 'New Generation of Workers'.

You also have what it takes to transform the future employment. You are highly resourceful because you know how to leverage technology to solve problems. You are also passionate about society so you seek out meaningful vocations. Recognising the importance of mental well-being, you deeply appreciate job flexibility to pursue work-life balance.

You are going to join Millennials and surpass Baby Boomers in the workforce. You are the future voice of an extraordinary workforce by 2025.

Debunking myths surrounding Gen Z workers

As employers seek to understand and adapt to Gen Zs’ unique traits, it is helpful to debunk some of the myths faced by them at work. Some of you may be familiar with these: “Gen Zs have short attention spans”, “Gen Zs all want quick rewards/promotions”, and “Gen Zs are obsessed or addicted to technology”.

On the other hand, you hold unique perspectives about the world and surrounding community issues. Let's unpack a few of these here.

Myth 1: Addicted to Technology

Technology is a Gen Z’s companion. A fluent smart-device user with information at the fingertips, you know how to navigate through multiple operating systems, apps and web solutions. You are a digital nomad who has honed how best to gather information conveyed efficiently and creatively. Yes, even if it means diving into social media rapids for that unique information. Gen Zs are certainly not “addicted to technology”. Your skill allows you to harness deep-tech solutions and best handle digital platforms that make you the more efficient worker – you know where to convey, receive and collect information faster and better.

Myth 2: Entitled and Sought Instant Gratification

Sure, you question the work you do and often evaluate how your efforts impact the broader community. Let's face it, who doesn’t today? Age and generation have nothing to do with this. Employers can consider assigning tasks to Gen Zs who look for purpose-driven careers and aspirations. By building on your passion for community change, Gen Zs are the perfect advocate to create valuable impact. Instant gratification is not something you seek. Because you already receive plenty of praises, likes and loves from your social media followers and connections. So you don’t really mind if you are not at the top of concern. In fact, you understand the meaning of heart work more than hard work which defines you as the most energetic team player to have.

Do you know: Gen Zs favour an outcome-based working style? Their focus on results rather than input (amount of time spent in office) is gradually changing the future of work. Check out other Gen Z factoids here.

Myth 3: Lack of Soft Skills

COVID-19 shifted all work spaces online. For one, Gen Zs like you spend almost all your time on a virtual sphere from recreation to work and study. As a result, some presume that you may not have the resilience and soft skills to succeed at a bustling work setting in person. But guess what? The NTUC Youth Taskforce report findings revealed the exact opposite. Many of you saying that you are okay with getting out of your comfort zone for new experiences. Of the 2,294 Gen Zs, it reported that most of you are open to pursuing side hustles, proving that Gen Zs have the drive and commitment to diversify skillset, and are up for a challenge to reshape work experience.

Check out Young NTUC’s newest pilot initiative with Singapore National Employers’ Federation: NTUC Career Starter Lab, where you(ths) can jumpstart your employment in the one-stop career portal.


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