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Are You Managing Your Job Well?

What is Managing?

When people talk about “managing”, they often refer to managers having a team of individuals that report to them. However, that is only a small aspect of management. There are actually 3 types of management - managing up, down and across. Leaders must manage in all 3 directions to be effective, according to a report from Mckinsey. This article will dive deeper into what these 3 directions refer to, based on a Stratford group article.

What is Managing Up?

Fresh graduates entering the workforce start from the bottom and report to others. In order to get in the good graces of those above, you will have to spend time understanding what makes your boss happy. You also have to ensure that you don’t make the boss angry. This is what is known as managing up, or in other words, understanding the wants of those above you.

What is Managing Down?

As you climb the corporate ladder, you may become a team leader or even a manager. Now that you have people that report to you, you are responsible for keeping them productive and motivated. This can entail providing direction and guidance, offering feedback and support, and creating a positive work environment. By managing down effectively, you can build a strong and cohesive team that is motivated and engaged.

What is Managing Across?

Working across your organisation with your peers and other teams is what managing across is about. Instead of competing with the other teams, try to share information and resources with each other. With the various teams working together, your organisation can be more effective in achieving its goals. Managing across allows you to create a more connected and integrated organisation.

By using all 3 skills, you can become a well-oiled component within your organisation, working seamlessly with colleagues that are more senior, junior or the same rank as you. By always understanding the perspective or position of the people you are working with, you can ensure that you are always meeting their needs and working effectively.

Managing is just one of many skillsets that every individual who are looking to flourish in the working world will need. Here at Young NTUC, we understand that as a youth going out to the working adult world is difficult. Thus, we always curate and bring to you workshops, seminars and resources to help you in your career. Join NTUC membership for full access to these resources to drive your career upwards in 2023!

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