Uncertainty as opportunity: staying relevant in tomorrow's job market

New developments in the deep tech fields like Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) have many young people rightfully concerned about their role in the future job market. What if the degree you’re taking now is obsolete by the time you graduate? What if you leave university unprepared to compete with other, more skilled workers?

Seah Chin Siong, the President & CEO of Singapore Institute of Management Group Limited, says that there’s no need to worry. Mr. Siong joined Young NTUC’s LITDISCOvery 2020 webinar to offer some words of support to young fresh graduates.“ 

To Mr. Siong, staying relevant despite disruption depends on three major factors: skills, knowledge, and commitment. By staying aware of the world around them and taking initiative, anyone can equip themselves to make an impact—in their work and personal life. 

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