Difficulties are meant to rouse not discourage.

Remember tough times don't last, but tough people do! 


To help you chart your next career path, we have put together other useful resources to tide you through this difficult period. Check out the support schemes available ranging from financial assistance, training grants and training opportunities.

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It can get really confusing with the many support schemes available out there (Government Budget 2020, NTUC's support schemes, etc). We have summarised those that might be relevant to you: 

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Take this time to upskill with NTUC to improve your employability in today's challenging job market. Check out the online training portals available for your selection. Click here for details.

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Are you looking for resources to improve your financial literacy or seeking for tips on how you can better manage your finances, retirement planning and more? Look no further. This corner is specially created for you, featuring articles from our partners. Click here for details.

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The pandemic has brought forth unprecedented disruption to our global economy bringing changes and uncertainties more quickly than before. Fear and uncertainty can leave you feeling stressed, anxious and powerless over the direction of your life and it can drain you emotionally and trap you in a downward spiral if it's not manage well. What can we do to control these emotions? Find useful resources that can help you. You can also equip yourself with basic mental well-being peer support skills and psychological first aid skills. Sign up for the WSQ-Certified Training in Peer-To-Peer Mental Well-Being Support @ Work and be trained as a peer supporter today!