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NTUC Career Starter Lab (CSL)

This pilot initiative, led by NTUC and Singapore National Employers Federation (SNEF) aims to help youths jumpstart their career while meeting employers’ hiring needs with an integrated post-IHL employment support.


Through a short-term trial that comes with workplace mentorship and structured training, both freshly graduated jobseekers and host companies can seek clarity about the job fit before considering formal employment.

Check out the current job listings on the NTUC Career Starter Lab portal!

Team Meeting

About NTUC
Career Starter Lab

  • An up to 3-month career trial depending on the role

  • A structured training programme designed by host company for you to learn the ropes

  • A workplace mentor assigned to guide you along your journey

  • Monthly training allowance based on prevailing average starting salaries of IHL graduates in the market

  • Possible conversion to a full-time position at the end of the career trial

  • Offer a minimum monthly salary of $2,000 based on prevailing average starting salaries for graduates 

  • Provide a structured training programme during trial (up to 480 hours, approx 3 months) 

  • Have ready positions on permanent or contract terms that are minimally 12-months to offer to suitable jobseekers post trial

  • Provision of workplace mentor for jobseeker 

Through the NTUC Youth Taskforce, youths have expressed desires for quality internships, career mentorships and part-time work as they transition from school into the workforce.

Let us address your hiring needs with NTUC Career Starter Lab!

Your journey as a host company:

  1. Submit your interest and receive onboarding guide from NTUC

  2. Post job position(s) on the portal & apply to be a host company

  3. Interview jobseekers upon approval of Career Trial application

  4. Assign workplace mentor & commence career trial with selected candidate

  5. Submit training allowance claim during career trial

  6. Convert suitable candidates post-career trial

A guide to a fulfilling Mentorship journey

Part One

  • Introduction 

  • Company Culture and Values

  • Goal Setting 🎯

Part Two

  • Self-discovery 🌍

  • Career Guidance

  • Progress check-in

Part Three

  • See the "big picture"

  • Summarise the experience

  • Stocktake learning points

⭐ Conclude the mentorship 

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