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We're excited to bring you a whole suite of career and cause-based programmes, hot from the oven! 

To our fellow young Singaporeans, Covid-19 has affected many. You may find it difficult to land your most ideal job now, you have bills to worry about and a family to take care of. Everything may seem gloomy.


But remember, you are not in this alone. Young NTUC is here to help! With interim jobs, support and resources all in one stop. Let's stand united as one Singapore, and we can overcome this!



inviting you to digi-fam community 

We hear your desire to have more support during these challenging times, hence we have launched Digi-Fam to meet your current and immediate needs. 

Digi-Fam is a digital community and an ecosystem of of support network that will grow with you thorughout your adulthood and career journey, addressing your needs at your convenience 24/7 accessible, all-year round! 

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We're excited to bring you a whole suite of career and cause-based programmes, hot from the oven! 

Thank you for being part of this meaningful initiative! Read the compilation of heartfelt messages we have collected for the healthcare frontline workers here! Once again, a big thank you to all our frontline heroes for selflessly and tirelessly working hard to take care of all of us. 


As part of this initiative, a total of $18,000 was also pledged by NTUC Income to the NTUC-U Care Fund, which helps low-income members and their families through various assistance programmes to defray their cost of living and children’s school expenses, as well as members whose livelihoods have been affected by COVID-19.

U Heart: They deserve a boost!
Be Trained as a peer supporter
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In support of the Tripartite Advisory on Mental Well-Being at Workplaces, Young NTUC and NTUC LearningHub have joined hands in curating a first-in-market WSQ-Certified Training in Peer-to-Peer Mental Well-being Support @ Work. ​ The course aims to equip individuals with peer supporting and psychological first aid skills, Young NTUC envisions to create a community of certified peer supporters who can be friends, colleagues, peers that individuals can look to if they feel that they are mentally distressed and need a listening ear, or support in the workplace.​ Keen to step up and play a part an active role in the mental well-being space? 

Be part of the community of mental well-being peer supporters in workplaces today!

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A brand new IGTV Series featuring youths from interesting profession and personality who dared to pursue their passion and beat the odds.

Find out how they overcome stigmas, labels and obstacles to be where they are today. Get ready to be inspired!

Good jobs doesn't come by easy. First, we have to know where to find them and what should we do to get them. Resumes, interviews and how we present ourselves to potential employers all matter. 

For the third webisode,  we've put together a special edition video,  featuring HR Practitioners, who spill the beans on what candidates should do to stand out from the crowd and nail that job!  

This webisode is too good to be missed for all JOBSEEKERS out there.

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If you have any questions or you would like to reach out to us for job posting opportunities, career mentorship, or other matters, feel free to contact us via the form or email us at youngntuc@ntuc.org.sg.

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