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LIT Career Mentorship

Targeted at providing graduating students, first job seekers as well as young working adults with the necessary support and guidance for their career navigation.


Young NTUC's pool of over 400 volunteer Career Mentors currently cover a range of 23 different industries and functions. The industries covered include banking and finance, healthcare, infocomm technology, social services, engineering and so on.


How Is LIT Career Mentorship Conducted?


The LIT Career Mentorship rolls out in-person meet-the-mentors sessions that are industry-specific or generic. The sessions will allow mentees to:

  • Meet the career mentors in a small group setting via a human library format

  • Have their burning questions answered by the career mentors and hear more about the mentors' personal experiences

  • *Be matched with a career mentor at the end of the session for a 4-month mentorship.

*Available for NTUC Starter Members only.


Once you are matched with a career mentor after the meet-the-mentors session, you will embark on a 4-month mentorship with them!

Set on the goals you wish to achieve during this period and discuss them with your career mentor. Take the journey of self-discovery and have regular check-ins with your career mentor to ensure that you are on the right track.

Mentors can help you understand what to expect in the working life and assist you in building up your professional portfolios.

Meet your Career Mentors:
Want to volunteer as a career mentor?

LIT Learning Journey

Embark on learning journeys to companies from various sectors. Hear from the company representatives on the day-to-day roles, company cultures and career prospects. Meet and network with the company representatives and HR recruiters and you might have a chance to kickstart your career journey with the company.

Resorts World Sentosa

Vicinity Studios

Huawei International

LIT Career Prep

Looking to better present yourself as a young professional? Land that dream job with the support of LIT Prep!


Get personal guidance from our volunteer Career Coaches and HR professionals on your resume writing and interview skills.  Maybe even learn to create your professional style and identity as you emerge into the workforce.


'LIT Career Prep - Dress for Success' workshop where participants learnt to elevate their style at the workplace.

LIT Masterclass

Acquire transferable skills for employability in a dynamic economy. Learn more about various topics from industry experts, and you can take these skills and knowledge with you in your career journey! 

Check out our upcoming LIT Career Series programmes!

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